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Search strings…

Posted by on Jan 23, 2007 in personal | 7 comments

Occasionally, someone reaches my blog through a search engine. It is sometimes amusing to see what search strings point people to my blog.

Sometimes, someone will search for a particular person and reach my blog: for example, David Alan Black (Number one search string… I hope they also reach his web site.), Harold Hoehner, Everett Ferguson, Andrew T. Lincoln, etc.

Sometimes, someone will search for a string that, I think, is very appropriate given the topic of this blog: for example, “edification” (Number two search string), “forsake not assembling”, “pastor’s responsibilities in a church”, “church as ekklesia”, etc.

Then, there are the search strings that are… well… just strange. I’m sure they make sense to someone. But, I have no idea why these particular search strings would point to my blog: “myths about slaves in the church”, “mael or fellation or maczde or carpate” (Yes, I know that I link to the blog of someone named Maël, but I don’t even know what the other words mean. I’m almost afraid to put them here…).

I can’t wait to see other search strings that point an unknowing internet surfer to my blog.


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  1. 1-23-2007


    How do you find this information out?


  2. 1-23-2007


    There are many different tracking programs. I use Google Analytics on my blog.


  3. 1-23-2007

    On mine I get:

    1) delta ts350 table saw
    2) delta ts350 forums
    3) delta “TS350”
    4) grace mael

    More hits on the saw than anything else.

  4. 1-23-2007


    What is a “grace mael”?


  5. 1-24-2007

    Alan, I’m not sure … maybe it’s that I am graceful? But probably not … maybe that I am full of grace? God’s grace.

  6. 1-24-2007

    I thought “grace” was something you said before a meal…..oh, you said “mael”. Maybe they were dyslexic? 😉

  7. 1-24-2007

    Believe it or not, I got another hit today on the search string “maczde carpate” (probably because of this blog post). So, I did a little research. It turns out that “Maczde Carpate” is a rock group from southeastern France. One of the members of that group is named Maël. And somehow, they found me.