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Barna and Experiencing God…

Posted by on Jan 10, 2007 in blog links | 1 comment

A friend of mine, Gary Harris, has recently started a philosophical blog called Meditations on Metaphysics. He has recently blogged about part of Barna’s article “House Churches Are More Satisfying to Attenders Than Are Conventional Churches”, (see my post on Barna’s article), specifically concerning the statement that some in house churches are “seeking a deeper and more intense experience with God”. You can read Gary’s blog post here.

Consider Gary’s closing paragraph:

Our relationship with God cannot and will not be fully repaired until our glorification. In effect, we long for that which we cannot have, and in realizing this we must exercise great caution. It may be that our attempts to experience that for which we yearn so deeply, that which we are incapable of satisfying, may result in an emotionally driven “worship” experience of our own manufacturing, and ironically, become detrimental to the profoundly meaningful relationship with God that is our heart’s desire.

Great thoughts, Gary! The entire post is worth reading.

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  1. 1-10-2007

    Wow. That paragraph caught my attention. Now to read the rest…