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Debate in the church?

Posted by on Dec 12, 2006 in gathering, scripture | 4 comments

According to the Book of Acts, there were several instances of discussion, dissension, and debate during the gathering of the church (Acts 14:27; 15:2, 7). There are also several instances of dialog when the church gathered (Acts 19:9; 20:7, 9).

Is it possible for the church to dialog, discuss, and debate today while maintaining love, peace, and unity? Is the idea of dialog in Scripture only cultural or should we include dialog in church gatherings today?


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  1. 12-12-2006

    That obviously was all cultural and due to the lack of a completed canon. There is no room for open discussion in our churches today. You should know that, Mr. Seminary Graduate (and Current Student) 😉

    (of course, I’m being completely facetious!!)

    steve 😉

  2. 12-12-2006


    You state that you are being facetious… I disagree. Perhaps we should debate your motivation?

    – Alan

  3. 12-12-2006

    We can debate it here, but not in church 😉

  4. 12-13-2006


    But if we debate and can’t agree with one another, then we would have to stop fellowshiping with one another…

    – Alan