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Accountability and Vulnerability…

Posted by on Dec 18, 2006 in books, community, discipleship, fellowship, hospitality | Comments Off

This is a quote from Doug Pagitt’s book Preaching Re-Imagined. He draws a distinction between accountability and vulnerability. Is this a valid distinction? Can we be accountable but not vulnerable? Are we called by God to one or both of these?

When we’re not careful, our churches can lose the spirit of true hospitality and friendship that are the core of life-changing relationships. When I speak of hospitality, I don’t mean a lunch-in-the-church-basement kind of hospitality. I mean something that takes the kindness and generosity of those meals and adds a new level of vulnerability. This vulnerability is a step beyond accountability. Accountability assumes a person will do her own work as she seeks to live a Christian life while others will do what they can to keep her on track. Vulnerability is a call beyond merely asking others to hold us to living in the way of Jesus—it’s inviting them to participate in our efforts to do so.