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Participating as Producers…

Posted by on Oct 26, 2006 in books, gathering | Comments Off on Participating as Producers…

Here are a few more quotes from Emerging Churches: Creating Christian Community in Postmodern Culture by Eddie Gibbs and Ryan K. Bolger. These quotes are from the chapter called “Participating as Producers”:

It is all too easy to consider the church we have experienced as normative, when in reality its present form would be hardly recognizable to Christians of New Testament times. (p.156)

Indeed, emerging churches are equally creative, but in their case, the congregations are contributors to rather than recipients of worship. (p.158)

For the church to be a place where people feel at liberty to share their journeys and to offer up their lives, a gathering must have no sense of being dominated from the front. (p.158)

This alternative model has to be taught, experimented with, and demonstrated, but it is an understanding of church that arises directly out of the New Testament. (p.160)

Emerging churches create an environment as a context for the worshiper, but they don’t script it. (p.161)

For meetings to be highly participatory, they need to be small, usually under thirty people. Such meetings are highly dependent on the gifts of those who attend. The meeting is the people who attend. (p.162)

If the church really is a body, then each additional member ought to influence the body as a whole. (p.162)

The strain is partly relieved by the fact that emerging churches are not aiming for professionalism but are emphasizing a natural expression that flows from the gifting of members. (p.163)

This chapter was especially interesting to me, because I am very interested in participatory meetings. We have experimented some with participatory meetings. Not everyone likes it. Not everyone participates. But, I have learned much from the ones who have shared with us during our meetings.