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Mutual Edification: What are the implications?

Posted by on May 11, 2006 in edification, gathering | Comments Off

If mutual edification is the purpose for the gathering of the church in the New Testament (and if edification is the responsibility of every believer as they gather), what are the implications for the contemporary church? This is a topic that I am currently studying, so I will not offer many answers. Instead, consider the following:

1) How should our meetings be structured?

2) What role should leaders play during the meeting?

3) What if a brother or sister never participates in the meeting?

4) What if a brother or sister dominates every meeting?

5) What if a brother or sister speaks false doctrine during a meeting?

6) What if the gathering becomes too large for all to participate?

7) Is shyness an excuse not to participate in the meeting?

8) How does edification affect meetings besides the “main” meeting (i.e. Bible studies, prayer meetings, business meetings)?

There are so many other questions to be raised. I hope you bear with me as I continue to study the church through Scripture.