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Graduation and stuff continued….

Posted by on May 30, 2006 in personal | 1 comment

Okay, so now I’ve graduated. I have a Master of Divinity degree. So what? Well, for me, working toward this degree demonstrated how much I need to continue studying… and I’m not just talking about working toward a Ph.D. degree. My desire is to study (and teach) Scripture for as long as God leaves me here. Some may think of an M.Div. degree as the end of their studies. For me, it is just the beginning.

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  1. 5-30-2006

    I totally agree with this statement. The more I study while here at Southeastern, the more God shows me about His word and my continual need to submit myself to it in study. As I have prayed about PhD work in the future, I have often been tempted to see it as the “terminal” degree. However, as you pointed out, the study of God’s word should not stop. A PhD is simply a means that our Lord uses to stretch us, train us, and equip us with research skills we will use for the rest of our lives.